BlogHow Often Should You Replace Your Water Dispenser Filter?

Having a water dispenser in offices or at home is an incredible way to help keep yourself hydrated at all times. Aside from its health benefits, investing in a water dispenser is cost-effective in the long run. But in order to keep your water dispenser running seamlessly for years to come, it needs to be properly maintained and cleaned from time to time. This includes replacing the water dispenser’s filter once in a while.

More often than not, people think their water filters are doing just fine and do not need replacement as frequently as their manufacturer instructs. In reality, not replacing your water filter on time or at all can result in harmful consequences. To learn more about this, read on as we tell you why it is important to replace water filters from time to time and how often it should be done.

What is the purpose of filters in a water dispenser?

Many water dispenser models come with built-in filtration systems that purify the water. The purpose of this feature is to eliminate undesirable impurities from water, such as odour, taste, hardness, sediment, and bacteria. As a result, the water filter helps to provide better quality water.

These days, many modern water dispensers are already equipped with advanced filters that can capture even the smallest microorganism or particles in the water supply. Some high-end models even have extra features, such as UV sterilisation or self-sterilisation, to enhance their effectiveness. In essence, a water filter is necessary to thoroughly remove all the contaminants that might be present in your water.

How often should the water filter be replaced?

Depending on usage, water dispensers typically require the replacement of filters or servicing every six to twelve months. Suppose you have a water dispenser in your office or at home, you must never leave its filter unreplaced for a year or longer to prevent the buildup of impurities and machine damage as well as to ensure your water dispenser’s optimal performance. Additionally, you should consult your manufacturer to replace the filters and cartridges regularly, as they are the experts who know what is best for your dispensers.

On the other hand, for restaurant or hotel establishments with heavy daily water consumption or places where water contains significant amounts of sediments, the water filter should be replaced more often. This is to ensure that the quality of water consumed by the employees and customers remains clean and safe. 

What happens if the water filter is not changed regularly?

As mentioned earlier, failing to change your water filter on time can lead to some harmful consequences. For one, it can cause the harmful growth of bacteria on filter media since the humid and damp environment inside the filter is ideal for bacteria growth. Bacterial contamination is the biggest risk of not replacing a water filter. The longer it takes for the filter to be replaced, the more bacteria will grow and the greater your risk of becoming sick.

Another risk of not changing your water filter regularly is that it may cause trapped contaminants to leach back into the water. After months of constant use, the materials of your water filter will begin to degrade. Holes may start to form in its media, and all the contaminants gathered in the filter may slowly leak back into the water you drink. And since the majority of dangerous dissolved solids or chemicals are invisible in water, you may not even be aware that this has occurred.


Keeping your water dispenser in tip-top shape requires replacing its water filter regularly. The purpose of a water filter is to help ensure the cleanliness and purity of the water you drink. Changing your water filter within the recommended time frame can help to lower the risk of exposing yourself to various health risks resulting from the contamination of harmful bacteria and chemicals in your drinking water.

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