Bespoke lifestyle solutions

Our parent company, the Kyowon Group has been in the market for 37 years, and upon seeing the need to establish a way of life of premium quality,
decided to focus on balancing nature and technology. Hence, Wells was created.
An eco-friendly electrical appliances brand that is dedicated to pampering our customers, Wells Singapore knows
there is only one way to do so: by delivering the best. And so we do.
We mean to create a healthy lifestyle for our customers, providing everyone the gift of nature even within their enclosed workspaces and homes.
To us, a conducive and clean space is not a luxury, but a well-deserved necessity.
We strive for excellence in all that we do, our products a mixture of multi-functionality and intelligent design.
Therefore, we bring you our lightweight and portable technology that is the definition of style.With us, you will never be short of comfort, whether you are.

All four major design Awards in the world

Unlikes conventional water purifiers, place the water purifier body in the sink or kitchen furniture and place it outside the outlet.
It was highly praised for leading the future kitchen culture.
Wells hopes to stretch beyond our borders and grow into a global company.

Using its powerful brand and international award-winning designs (Red Dot, IDEA, iF, Good Design, etc.),
Wells goes beyond simply offering satisfying products and services. It leverages its distinct advantages to provide a whole new level of values and benefits, and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Stand-Out Design

Bringing convenience, happiness, and value to every facet of its customers’ daily lives, and helping customers always stay healthy is the type of healthy and beautiful future Wells dreams of.