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Wells water purifiers simplify the process of getting clean water. There is no more waiting time with our water purifiers that dispense hot and cold water instantly in different temperate settings.

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Pave the way to a healthier life with clean drink water


Tankless & compact. Skip boiling & dispense hot/cold water right away


Do away with plastic bottles & enjoy purified water daily


Contaminant-free, self-sterilising, & alkaline water (optional)

Wells originates from Korea and has been in the market for 19 years. We recognise the need for a lifestyle of premium quality and focus on balancing technology, design and wellness. Wells aspires to strive for excellence and grow into a global company. With our influential brand and worldwide award-winning designs (IDEA, Red Dot, Good Design, iF, etc), our innovative products aim to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Wells Water Dispenser & Purifier

Smart & user-friendly features

Perfect for home or office use - enjoy hot or cold water on demand in various water temperature options to match your specific need. Be it dispensing 50°C warm water for baby formula or 85°C water for your fresh, piping hot coffee to perk up your morning - all is possible.

Compact & minimalistic

Truly tankless and space-saving, Wells water purifiers and dispensers can be installed anywhere in your kitchen. With its simple yet classy design, it’s a perfect fit for any modern kitchen too.

Safe & healthy

Wells uses smart and advanced technology to bring forward cleaner and healthier water. Our tankless water purifiers and dispensers provide purified or alkaline water through our complete water purification process. They also come with filters created with eco-friendly materials with official certification by US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and an automatic self-sterilising system for perfect hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It purifies water and removes any undesired and harmful contaminants like bacteria and heavy metal from the water to both improve water quality and provide clean drinking water. 

Water can be purified for specific health safety reasons or simply for safe, purified drinking water.

While tap water in Singapore is generally safe and regularly monitored by the Public Utilities Board (PUB), unexpected contamination may still occur occasionally. Hence, the reason why numerous homes and offices in Singapore boil water for peace of mind.

So, to ensure excellent water quality, a water purifier removes residue and provides clean, odour-free, and better-tasting water.

Generally, the most common features to be aware of in a water purifier includes (but are not limited to) tankless configuration, purification technology, quality of filters used in the system, water repellent piping, installation, certifications, temperature control, warranty, and so on.

The estimated cost of a water purifier on average ranges from $1980. However, factors like features offered, quality, certification, technology, and design have to be duly considered.

At Wells Singapore, we offer premium quality in the way of life and deliver both quality and affordability in our water purifiers and dispensers. Visit our showroom to find out more about the latest promotions and discounts.

Water purifiers and dispensers are usually simple to install and need little maintenance. However, a regular check from your manufacturer may still be needed, as consistent servicing and replacement of filters or cartridges, for instance, are still necessary.

Check in with our staff from Wells Singapore and find out how often the replacement of filters is needed.