BlogSanitising Water Dispensers: How To Do It Correctly?

Regular cleaning and sanitisation are important aspects to maintaining hygiene in a cold and hot water dispenser. Through routine maintenance, you can ensure that the water you consume is always safe and clean. Although it is not necessary to deep clean your water dispenser, you should at least subject it to basic cleaning and sanitisation once every three to six months.

Regular maintenance of your water dispenser is crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of your drinking water. If you’re unsure about the correct cleaning and sanitation procedures for your water dispenser, fret not, as we will provide valuable guidance to assist you!

Read on as we delve into the best practices for cleaning and sanitising your water dispenser.

Clean the external surfaces daily

Similar to refrigerators, microwaves, and kettles, water dispensers are common household appliances that experience frequent contact with many individuals. As such, it is highly advised that you clean the external surface of your water dispenser thoroughly at least once a day. This includes emptying the waste tank or drip tray on top of wiping down the outside with the use of a soft cloth and a professional sanitising spray.

Pay specific attention to the contact points 

As the workforce gradually returns to the office, it becomes imperative to proactively mitigate the potential transmission of viruses like Covid-19 within the workplace. A practical approach to achieving this involves cleaning of frequently touched areas on your water dispenser, with particular attention to components like the dispensing button of your water dispenser. Fortunately, there are water dispensers with self-sterilising functions for dispensing nozzles, ensuring that the nozzle remains free of harmful bacteria and germs for the health and safety of users.

Utilise a fresh sanitising wipe to clean contact and dispense points 

When disinfecting contact and dispensing points, it is very important to make use of a clean sanitising wipe or at least a fresh cloth. Never clean the external area of the water dispenser and the dispense point with the same sanitising wipe or cloth, as you will risk contaminating the very surfaces that you are trying to protect. Moreover, never make use of a wipe or cloth that has been sitting around in a bag or bucket for quite a while.

Sanitise the system according to the manufacturer’s guidelines

No matter what kind of water dispenser you have, you need to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer when it comes to maintenance and sanitisation. If you own a bottle-fed water system, for instance, it is recommended that you sanitise it at least once every three months. On the other hand, if you have a point-of-use dispenser, it is advisable to clean relevant parts regularly.


Owning a water dispenser is not enough to guarantee that the water you drink every day is safe and clean. It’s best to make sure that your appliance is cleaned and sanitised on a periodic basis to maintain the hygiene of the dispenser and freshness of your drinking water. To properly clean and sanitise your water dispenser, be sure to follow the basic pieces of advice shared in this article.

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