BlogTankless Water Dispenser: How It Saves Money In The Long Run

Many people turn to water dispensers to address their daily need for fresh and clean water. Indeed, water dispensers for office and home use have become very popular. This is no surprise considering that using a water dispenser has numerous benefits. For one, a water dispenser enables you to have more accessible and more convenient access to clean water daily.

Water dispensers come in two primary forms: one with a tank and one that is tankless. Over the last few years, more and more people have been opting for tankless water dispensers for several good reasons. Mainly, if you are trying to save money, a tankless water dispenser might be your best option. To understand more, here are some ways a tankless water dispenser can help you save money in the long run. 

What is a tankless water dispenser and how does it work?

As its name suggests, a tankless water dispenser is a water dispenser that does not use a storage or holding tank. Instead, it heats the water as the same flow through its system. In other words, no waiting time for hot water is necessary with a tankless water dispenser, as there would be with a standard tank water dispenser.

A tankless water dispenser only heats water when you need it. It only uses heating elements or an internal coil to make the water hot on demand. It does not hold water in a storage tank, so there is also no standby heat loss.

How can a tankless water dispenser help save money?

1. Uses less electricity

In a traditional water dispenser, heating is required by the hot water compressor all day to maintain its constant warmth or heat. This subsequently causes energy usage to shoot up. On the other hand, tankless water dispensers only use energy when water needs to be heated before dispensing. Moreover, a tankless water dispenser can get hot or cold water anytime on demand.

2. Eliminates the need for reboiling 

Constant water reboiling may not be energy efficient. Fortunately, with a tankless water dispenser, the water is only heated when needed. Hence, reboiling is not necessary. Since water is only heated once before being dispensed, you can guarantee energy efficiency with a tankless water dispenser.

3. Does Not Take Up Much Space

Another cost-saving advantage of a tankless water dispenser is that it does not need much space, unlike a traditional water dispenser. Because it is small and compact, you can place a tankless water dispenser under the sink or on a countertop without taking up much space. This is particularly helpful when you are moving from one home or office to another, as you no longer need to look for big spaces that are usually more expensive.


There are a lot of benefits that come with using a tankless water dispenser over the traditional one. Suppose you are trying to save money for the long-term future. In that case, a tankless water dispenser is your best choice since it is an energy-efficient and space-saving solution to getting fresh and clean water every day. If you are still confused about whether a tankless water dispenser is a good investment, the answer is definitely a yes!

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