BlogWhy You Should Switch To Purified Water When Cooking Meals

Water is used in many applications of everyday life, including cooking. It plays a vital role in the kitchen and cooking in general, from washing produce to using it as an ingredient for various foods (and drinks).

However, did you know that the water used in cooking may prevent you from whipping up the perfect meal? So, if you are interested in a quick way to give a boost to your kitchen creations, learn how a simple switch to purified water can do the trick.

1. Consistent flavours in your dishes

Have you ever cooked a dish you know by heart but tasted slight variations in its flavour every single time? Or maybe you tried the same dish at someone else’s place and picked up on a flavour you cannot quite place? The reason for that may be the water used. The flavours in the water you use to cook often get carried over into the final dish. And while the changes are subtle, they can still be quite noticeable.

Contaminants of varying types, such as chemicals in the form of chlorine, are generally present in the average household’s water source. This is because the water supplier must ensure the water they provide is treated all the way to its destination, which requires using long-lasting disinfectants that protect against microbes throughout the entirety of the water system.

Unless you let your water sit for a while so that the disinfectant can evaporate, its distinct flavour could mix into your cooking. Other contaminants can also do the same thing and alter the flavour of your meals. By having a water purifier in Singapore, you can be sure the water you use is free of any chemicals, disinfectants, and other contaminants that could ruin your home-cooked meals, leading to greater flavour accuracy in your favourite recipes.

2. Improve your baked goods

If bread is a staple part of your family’s meals, it could be completely ruined if your baked goods do not turn out well. Even if you stick to the instructions word-for-word, made exactly sure of your measurements, and did everything else right until putting the rack in the oven, they can still turn out not as you have expected. If you are unsure the fault lies not on your part, do not be too hard on yourself. Other factors, such as the water you used, may be at fault here.

Minerals like magnesium, calcium, and chlorine can find their way into your home’s water and affect the performance of your baking ingredients, specifically yeast. This is because the minerals present in the water can potentially change the dough’s gluten structure and impede the fermentation process. Since purified water has no such contaminants, you can be more confident that your baked treats will turn out tasting as expected or better.

3. Better clean food ingredients

Many sources can contaminate produce during its growth phase: animals and pests, harmful substances in the water or soil, and poor hygiene among workers. Once harvested, produce gets passed through many hands, further increasing the contamination risk. In addition, contamination can even take place after the produce has been purchased, through inadequate storage, or during food preparation.

While it is common knowledge to wash your fruits and vegetables prior to consuming them, if you use anything but purified water to do so, you may still be washing them with water that has the same contaminants you are trying to get rid of. Thus, washing ingredients, rinsing pasta, and cooking with purified water means better cleaning results, and none of those contaminants will be found in the dishes you serve, which is a real game-changer.


Purified water is not just beneficial for daily consumption; it is also a must-have when cooking our food. Cooking with purified water significantly reduces the risk of exposure to contaminants, enhances your baked treats, and results in more consistent flavours of your favourite dishes.

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