Blog3 Simple Steps To Reduce Plastic Water Bottle Usage

Although drinking sufficient water daily is beneficial for your health, opting to drink water from plastic bottles can be potentially harmful not only towards your health but also to the environment. One of the harmful health effects of drinking water from plastic bottles is that it can alter your hormones as your body absorbs the chemicals added to plastics. Furthermore, plastic debris can harm and poison wildlife and even leach dangerous chemicals into groundwater when dumped in landfills. For this reason, avoiding or at least minimising your use of plastic water bottles is necessary.

Read on as we share some simple but effective ways to reduce plastic water bottle use.

1. Invest in a water dispenser

The best way to eliminate plastic water bottles is by investing in a water dispenser in Singapore. Some people choose bottled water because it is widely accessible and convenient to carry and dispose of after consuming. However, there is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water that does not depend on using plastics – water from water dispensers.

Water dispensers can filter and purify water so that it not only tastes better but is also free from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants that could sneak into your water. Because water dispensers also dispense cold or hot water instantly, they make it easier for many people to drink more water on a daily basis. Investing in a water dispenser in offices or at home is highly advisable to increase your daily consumption of clean water without ever using plastic bottles.

2. Choose reusable water bottles

If your concern is that you do not have access to your home’s water filtration system whenever you are on the go, you can choose to buy eco-friendly, reusable water bottles instead of using single-use plastic bottles. Even though plastic water bottles may be an easy and quick solution to quench your thirst when you are out and about, it is unnecessary to use them if you have a reusable water bottle on hand.

There are many different brands and styles of eco-friendly water bottles that you can fill with water from your home or office water dispenser before heading outside. By keeping a reusable water bottle on hand, you will not just avoid spending more money on plastic water bottles and contributing to plastic consumption, but you can also motivate yourself to drink more water throughout the day, benefitting your overall health.

3. Recycle plastic water bottles 

Although it is ideal to eliminate your consumption of bottled water, certain circumstances might cause you to consider purchasing a plastic water bottle. When that happens, you can still minimise the environmental impact of your plastic purchase by recycling your plastic bottles rather than simply discarding them in the garbage bin.

Recycling bins can be found in most of Singapore’s households and public spaces, making it convenient for residents to separate recyclable materials from general waste. By making recycling a daily practice, you can help the environment in meaningful and impactful ways.


Plastic waste is a huge problem that harms public health and the environment. For this reason, avoiding or reducing your use of plastic water bottles is necessary by investing in a water dispenser, buying a reusable water bottle, and recycling plastics, among others. When you consciously limit your consumption of bottled water, you are not just making yourself healthier but also contributing to a cleaner and safer planet for everyone.

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