Blog4 Ways To Childproof Your Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Having a water dispenser in offices or at home is highly convenient. Besides providing easy access to water, it also helps you ensure that the water you drink daily is safe and clean, thereby protecting your health. Especially if you have children in your house, having a water dispenser can encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated.

However, it is important to ensure that safety measures are in place to prevent your children from accidental burns and other injuries if left unattended. You can keep your hot and cold water dispenser as long as you ensure it is childproof. If you are unsure how to do so, this article is right for you!

Here are the essential tips for childproofing your instant hot and cold water dispenser. 

1. Keep your water dispenser out of reach

Perhaps the most effective thing you can do to childproof your water dispenser is to keep it out of your children’s reach. Children have a natural tendency to be curious about their surroundings. As such, there is a high possibility that they might get tempted to explore your water dispenser. By placing your water dispenser somewhere they cannot reach, such as in a cabinet or on a shelf, your child will no longer be able to play with it even when you are not around.

2. Have a safety lock for the hot water

A safety lock for hot water feature makes it more difficult for children to turn the water dispenser on. It is the principal means of childproofing instant water dispensers by many parents. Hence, when purchasing your water dispenser, you must ensure that the chosen unit comes with this safety lock feature. You may consider buying a water guard if your water dispenser does not offer a safety lock. They are affordable, easy to install, and can be bought at many hardware stores.

3. Make the area around your water dispenser clean and clear

Keeping the area around your water dispenser clean and free from clutter is among the simplest ways to childproof it. By doing so, you remove any potential choking hazards in the area. It also helps ensure that your children cannot easily access any buttons, switches, or levers. As much as possible, try to place your water dispenser at least 6 feet off the ground to make it out of reach. Be sure to make all cords out of reach and immediately clean up any split water.

4. Ensure the maintenance of your water dispenser

It is vital to inspect your water dispenser for any signs of damage regularly. If you are unsure how your water dispenser can be childproofed, installing a safety latch is an excellent way to begin. This will help keep your dispenser closed and out of your children’s reach. Cleaning and descaling your water dispenser regularly is also necessary to prevent any buildup that might be harmful if ingested. For particular cleaning instructions, be sure to check the instruction manual of your hot and cold water dispenser.


Having an instant hot and cold water dispenser at home can make your life more convenient and comfortable. They provide a quick way to cool down your drink or boil your water and help you ensure that the water you drink daily is clean and safe. Just because you have children in your house does not mean that a water dispenser is not ideal for you. There are effective ways to childproof your water dispenser to ensure it is functional and safe for children at all times. Consider purchasing a tankless water dispenser instead for a truly child-friendly water dispenser.

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