Blog5 Things To Consider When Buying A Water Dispenser For Home

It’s no question that having access to clean and healthy drinking water is essential to every home. Most people would agree that owning a water dispenser at home is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of achieving accessible and healthy drinking water. However, when choosing the right water dispenser suitable for your home, you might want to consider several factors before making your purchase. With various water dispensers for you to choose from in the market, how do you choose the right one? Here are five things to consider when buying a water dispenser for your new home.

1. Location and space

One of the most important factors people tend to overlook is location and space. Before making your purchase, it is essential to ensure that you have adequate space to install your water dispenser. Water dispensers are usually placed next to the sink for easy access. It is important to ensure the area isn’t cluttered to make way for the water dispenser.

2. Type of water dispenser

It is crucial to identify your needs before purchasing a water dispenser. Suppose you’re looking for a tankless and compact water dispenser in Singapore. In that case, you might want to consider getting the Wells The One Water Dispenser that features a super compact design with a diameter of 8.8cm, perfect if you’re going for a minimalistic look for your kitchen.

3. Temperature

You might be surprised that hot water is not a common feature among many water dispensers and purifiers. Therefore, ensuring that the water dispenser will allow you access to water at any temperature you need is essential. Wells’ selection of water dispensers offers the option of choosing cold and hot water at different temperatures specifically suited for your needs.

4. Special features

Different water dispensers offer various benefits such as energy-saving technology, multiple stages of purification, convenient one-touch LED lighting, auto-sterilisation and many more. These unique features are like additional benefits offered by the brand. Different dispenser brands have a list of features you can use to compare and figure out what you need before making your purchase.

5. Maintenance

Buying a brand-new item can almost always assure you that it is free from damages or other hidden issues. However, before purchasing, consumers must also consider installation and maintenance. When you purchase a water dispenser with Wells, they are usually simple to install and require little maintenance. However, a regular check from your manufacturer may still be needed as consistent servicing and replacements of cartridges or filters might still be necessary. It is essential to note this before buying your water dispenser.


There are many factors to consider before making your first move to purchase a water dispenser. Keeping these five factors in mind is essential to ensure you have the most suitable water dispenser for you and your loved ones.

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