BlogCleaner Air And Its Positive Impact On Mental Health

It is no secret that air pollution is becoming a bigger problem as time progresses. This growing environmental hazard is far more common in places like major cities and metropolitan areas. It affects the day-to-day lives of thousands of people in many ways, most importantly regarding their health. Studies find that people breathe unclean air in 80% of all countries. This figure goes higher at 97% in emerging nations.

How does air get polluted?

Air pollution results from tiny particles of matter and gas lingering in the atmosphere, most of which come from farming, transportation pollution, and various industries. Air pollution is more prevalent in cities than in rural areas since there is a higher concentration of manufacturing plants, vehicles, and people. Many of the average person’s daily home activities — such as using cleaning products, yard equipment, automobile fumes, trash output, and methane—can contribute to the air quality of their space. But regardless of where one lives, everyone is likely to be exposed to unclean air to some degree and another, including our own homes.

How can unclear air affect physical health?

The physical effects of air pollution may manifest as symptoms of other health conditions like allergies and asthma, both being the consequences of unclean air and pollination. Other notable symptoms include a congested or runny nose, shortness of breath, headaches, stinging eyes, difficulty breathing, coughs, and fatigue. These symptoms are especially likely to be caused by air pollution if they linger despite the lack of apparent cause. Naturally, pre-existing conditions like allergies, emphysema, and asthma may be irritated from coming into contact with dust, allergens, chemicals, gas, and any other air pollutant if not addressed by a technological innovation like the air purifier, which was created to address such irritants in the air inside the home.

What are the mental effects of air pollution?

Being afflicted with the physical effects of asthma and allergies is far from enjoyable for anyone despite the availability of many kinds of asthma and allergy relief. Poor air quality affects our daily lives in more ways than one. For instance, mornings could get off a bad start as one wakes up to a congested nose, eventually leading to headaches throughout the day. If this persists, it may result in an overall moody state of mind or, worse, depression. Recent studies have shown that poor air quality is linked to subtle impairments in several cognitive functions, such as processing information and concentrating. Other research efforts also looked at how air pollution can impair cognitive abilities in children and impact cognitive decline in adults.

What is the best way to combat air pollution?

While there is little that any person can do to significantly improve the air quality in their region of residence (as that mainly falls on the government and corporations), they can take control of the air quality in their home. By investing in an effective air purifier for the home, families can take control of the air quality in their four walls and live peacefully, knowing that their abode is free of irritating particles and contaminants.

With an air purifier in place, family members will see a significant reduction in allergies, asthma, and other health conditions caused by irritants in the air, like pet odours and dander. High-quality air purifiers offer numerous layers of protection to ensure the safety of everyone’s physical and mental well-being and positively affect their daily mood.

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