BlogThe Many Uses Of Alkaline Water Aside From Quenching Thirst

Alkaline water has increasingly become a trend in the water industry over the recent years. It has been praised by many well-known public figures like Miranda Kerr and Beyoncé around the world for being a healthy and safe alternative to plain water.

Essentially, alkaline water is a type of water that has a pH level between 8 to 9. This is in contrast to tap water whose pH level usually falls somewhere between 7 to 8 only.

The increasing popularity of the alkaline water dispenser in Singapore and elsewhere is mainly due to the fact that this type of water provides people with various kinds of benefits. Not all water is created equal – untreated water might contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, and nitrates. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has been specially treated to become absolutely pure. Hence, this makes alkaline water a great option for consumption.

However, aside from quenching thirst, alkaline water has plenty of other uses. Read on below as we comprehensively list down the different possible functions of alkaline water that prove its great utility and advantage.

1. Enhancing health

The biggest contributing factor to the rising popularity and preference for alkaline water – enhancing health. This type of water is believed to help people achieve optimum health.

For one, alkaline water is beneficial when it comes to boosting people’s immunity. This may help neutralise the body’s acidity that results from stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins. By neutralising the acidity in the body, alkaline water may then lower the excessive acidic content in people’s stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.

Aside from neutralising the body’s acidity, alkaline water is also a significant source of various minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which are necessary for maintaining healthy bones.

Since this type of water also has ultra-hydrating properties, it is one of the most recommended drinks for those who work out every day and require a higher amount of water in their body.

2. Cleaning fruits and vegetables

While tap water is able to rinse some of the harmful residues away, alkaline water provides fresher produce by neutralising herbicide residues and acidic pesticide. This is made possible due to its high pH level, which is reactive with acidic residue and transforms them into harmless compounds that just rinses away.

Pesticides like carbamate and organophosphate go through a chemical reaction once in contact with high pH water known as alkaline hydrolysis, that breaks down the active ingredients in such pesticides into harmless compounds, and becomes easy to wash off.

Simply use alkaline water when it’s time to rinse your fruits and vegetables as it is effective in detoxifying harmful acidic chemicals. Get hold of a bowl and fill it up with alkaline water, then let the fruits and vegetables soak for 20-30 minutes (the longer, the better). After they’re soaked completely, remove the dirty water, and rinse your produce in fresh clean water.

3. Washing face

Alkaline water has been proven to be great at removing toxins and excess bacteria in the body that can cause acne breakouts and other skin issues. For this reason, many people drink alkaline water as part of their beauty regimen.

However, aside from drinking, alkaline water can also be used to wash the face, as it is reportedly effective in reducing blemishes and pimples overall.

In short, the type of water that people use can essentially impact their skin condition. The more acidic the water is, the drier and itchier the skin may be. With the use of alkaline water for washing, people can make their skin a lot softer and smoother.

As such, since alkaline water is gentle on the skin, it is highly recommended by many skincare experts over acidic water whose overly high levels of minerals can potentially damage skin cells.

4. Cooking

The type of water used in cooking can significantly affect the appearance, flavour, and nutritional content of a dish. Since water is a critical ingredient in many dishes, it is important to use a type of water that does not diminish the quality of cooked foods.

Alkaline water is one of the good options people have, as it can even enhance the final outcome of a dish on all fronts.

In fact, this type of water has the ability to provide numerous dishes with an additional pleasant taste without tainting their colors. Noodles and rice, for example, can be made tastier and more appetising with the use of alkaline water.

Aside from this, many cooks and chefs also apply alkaline water to soups and stocks because it enhances their natural flavour and helps avoid the chlorine taste that usually comes from regular tap water.


The functions of alkaline water are many and varied. Just like purified water with many health benefits, it has plenty of uses for daily life, and it brings about numerous health benefits like purified water. Consistent with its reputation of promoting cleanliness, safety, and optimal health, alkaline water has proven in many ways that water can do so much more than just quenching one’s thirst on a sunny day.

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