Blog5 Unexpected Uses Of Purified Water That May Surprise You

Besides providing clean drinking water and quenching your thirst, purified water can also be used for various purposes outside drinking. From cooking and pet care to prolonging the lifespan of home appliances, purified water can provide many unexpected benefits that may surprise you.

In this article, we will explore five such uses of purified water in detail.

Cooking and food prep

Purified water can be used for various food preparation tasks like boiling, steaming, and braising. By using purified water when preparing meals, you can enjoy a better taste because the water has been filtered from contaminants or impurities.

Purified water can also be used to wash your cooking ingredients, fruits, and vegetables.  Plus, by using clean filtered water for your cooking needs, you can avoid any harmful chemicals or pollutants that may be present in unfiltered water.

Filtering water for your pets

If you have pets at home, consider providing them with purified water too! Unlike unfiltered water, which may contain traces of chlorine and other chemicals that are not ideal for your pets’ health and well-being, purified water is free from these toxins and safe to drink. Additionally, since purified water is free from odour and taste-altering substances such as chlorine and fluorine – your pet’s drinking experience will be much more pleasant!

Watering plants

Not only is purified water beneficial to humans, but it can also help your plants thrive! Since plants need plenty of hydration to grow healthy roots and stem – they should always be watered with clean and pure H20. Plants are living things that should be treated with as much care and love as humans or pets. Using purified water to water your plants allows your beloved potted plants to enjoy all the benefits of clean hydration without any added impurities.

Making ice cubes

Filtered drinking water undoubtedly tastes better than unfiltered water. But did you know the same applies to your ice? By filtering the water that’s used to make the ice, it makes the ice taste cleaner and better. As a result of the filtration process, any contaminants in the water that enters your ice maker will be removed, making your ice cleaner and safer for cooling your drinks.

Prolonging the life of homeware and appliances

Finally, if you want to extend the lifespan of homeware items such as kettles or dishwashers, ensure they’re regularly filled with clean water! Over time, hard minerals build up inside these appliances due to the usage of unfiltered water – leading them to become less efficient or stop working altogether after some time passes. However, if they are regularly filled with freshly filtered water, this problem can be avoided entirely!


Whether it’s for cooking needs, pet care routines, plant hydration requirements or even appliance maintenance – there are plenty of ways that purified water can come in handy around the house! The five uses outlined above should give you an insight into why you should own a water purifier at home.

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