BlogTanks vs Tankless: Reasons To Pick A Tankless Water Purifier

If you’ve been looking for a water purifier for your home, you may have come across the terms “tankless” and “with tank” in the market. As the term suggests, this refers to the form of the water purifier and whether it is attached with storage for water. Both tank and tankless versions have their pros and cons, and we’re here to help you compare and contrast.

What are the advantages of tankless purifiers?

Tankless purifiers are much more advantageous due to their form factor. Thanks to the elimination of the tank and pressure container, they are compact and easy to manage. Thus, saving you more space in your kitchen or sink. Since there is no tank, you will also have a faster and more reliable source of water. There is no need for you to wait anymore, and you can get it anytime you want without waiting for the filtration process to finish. A tankless water dispenser is the way to go for forward-thinking technology. The key thing to keep in mind is that a tankless one operates on a “filter-consume” process.

In terms of hygiene, a tankless one is also the best bet, seeing as it is void of any stagnation of water. Since water only flows from the source to your glass without staying within the mechanism, it eliminates the risk of any secondary pollutants.

In terms of energy and cost, a tankless dispenser saves you a lot. It only uses energy when it is being used, lowering your electricity and water bill.

How about tanked purifiers?

Storage tanks are attached as part of the purifier’s mechanism. Before, when tankless purifiers were not yet in vogue, water flow was much slower. Thus, homeowners and users had to wait a while to drink just a glass of water. This created the necessity for water purifiers to have tanks where water can be stored for use, while being filtered in advance for later use. As opposed to the tankless one, this operates on a “filter-store-consume” process.

The large size of this type of purifier uses a large chunk of space in your home, however, which may not be ideal for those who are living in condominiums or housing units. Aside from that, there can also be the possibility of secondary pollutants forming in the sealed pressure tank. Bacteria and algae within tend to grow after a long time, especially when the tank is not regularly cleaned. This can add to the growing list of chores you must do in the house, which can eat up a lot of time for busybodies.

As for energy consumption, tanked purifiers eat up a lot. Since it continually takes water and filtrates even when not in use, you might see a spike in your electricity bill.


A tankless water dispenser may be the best investment when it comes to drinkable and accessible water in your home. At Wells, we strive to provide homes with the safest and healthiest drinking water they need for consumption and use through our state-of-the-art and modern water purifiers in Singapore. Our range of innovative products will ensure that every household gets the cleanest drinking water they deserve.