BlogHow A Water Dispenser In The Office Can Lead To Positive ROI

Over recent years, water dispensers have become a necessity in every home. Besides its practicality and functionality, water dispensers also make clean and safe water easily accessible to people. However, water dispensers are not just a household necessity. Workplaces should also consider investing in water dispensers for various beneficial reasons.

It is common for professional businesses to have water dispensers in the office. It is a well-known fact that water dispensers in the workplace are largely beneficial to employees in preventing on-the-job dehydration, as well as for other health and social purposes. But did you know that a water dispenser can also benefit the financial state of your company?

Read on as we briefly discuss how a water dispenser in the workplace can lead to a positive return on investment (ROI).

1. Cost-effective

The primary advantage of having an office water dispenser is cost-effectiveness. Although purchasing a cold and hot water dispenser necessitates an initial investment, the idea will definitely pay off in the long run. Depending on the budget you have, you may choose the type of water dispenser that does not only fit your budget but your needs as well.

In addition, water dispensers generally require minimal maintenance. For instance, to clean a tankless water dispenser, you usually only need to wipe down its exterior, clean the drip tray, and replace the filter. Although the benefits are limitless, contrary to popular belief – maintaining a water dispenser is cost-effective in the long run. In essence, your business stands to gain significant advantages from a water dispenser, all while avoiding the burden of substantial maintenance costs. 

2. Promotes a healthy workforce 

According to health experts, the recommended amount of water an average person should drink daily is eight glasses. By providing your employees with easy access to a refreshing glass of clean water every day, you keep them hydrated and healthy. Staying hydrated helps increase employees’ concentration levels, reduce irritability, and enhance their overall health. This can then lessen their absences due to sickness.

3. Facilitates staff productivity

According to research studies, being dehydrated can adversely impact a person’s cognitive performance and motor coordination. When your employees are always dehydrated because they have no instant access to clean drinking water, it can negatively affect their productivity and performance. Research has shown that being 3% to 4% dehydrated can already lower a person’s work performance by about 25% to 50%.

Of course, low staff performance and productivity can reduce business revenue. Therefore, when it comes to business, filtered water solutions must become easily accessible to employees to stay hydrated and productive. Depending on your choice of an office water dispenser, your employees can enjoy cold and hot drinks anytime.

4. Green business

Having an office water dispenser establishes an eco-friendly image for your business, bringing numerous benefits to your company and increasing your revenue. This is because, based on statistics, consumers are now far more likely to support businesses that care about the environment.

By using water dispensers and reducing plastic bottle usage, it minimises the company’s environmental impact, resonating with eco-conscious stakeholders. Green practices also lead to long-term cost savings through reduced wasteful spending and energy consumption. Embracing sustainability enhances the company’s reputation and demonstrates a commitment to a greener future. 


The benefits of installing a water dispenser for offices are endless. These benefits can ultimately improve the reputation of your business and increase your revenue. Therefore, if you are still wondering whether investing in a water dispenser for your office is a good idea, the answer you are looking for is yes! The initial costs of installing a water dispenser in your workplace is nothing compared to the enormous benefits that your company can enjoy.

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